Reviews: ‘Wilhelm Berger, Piano Pieces’ interpreted by Mitsuko Saruwatari


“Mitsuko Saruwatari has demonstrated through her brilliant and thorough interpretation of his piano sonata, Opus 76 and “Variations and Fuge Uber ein eigenes Thema”, Opus 91 that the forgotten Wilhelm Berger belongs with the great late romantic composers of his time (…) Both produced works arouse the curiosity of what additional works Berger may have written.”

In: Trouw 4 mei 2018

“Here is a pianist who feels the essential sound of Brahms and Schumann and has made it her own, and feels completely at home within this repertoire…”

In:Opus Klassiek maart 2018

“What a surprise, this CD! I had not heard of the name Wilhelm Berger, but it is certainly worthwhile to look him up – and to listen to. (…) Berger has found, in this Japanese pianist Saruwatari, a competent and passionate sponsor. She plays these complicated yet accessible music with precision and infectious care.”

In: 30 mei 2018 Reformatorisch Dagblad

“How does this CD sound? The astonishment only gets greater when you listen. How can this beautiful music been for so long forgotten? (…) But what beautiful sound his “Sonate für Klavier and the Variations and Fuge über ein Eigenes Thema für Klavier” produces…
…they are rightly reborn from obscurity.
A convincing performance.”

In: Nederlands Dagblad 6 april 2018

“This is music with a satisfying honesty and a compelling character that makes you want to hear it again and again. (…) there is a fascination to this work that keeps us on the edge of our seats and wondering ‘what will he do next?'”

In: Music web

“The Japanese-Dutch Mitsuko Saruwatari believes in this music. One is carried away with her driven envelopment with Wilhelm Berger. Through her beautiful play, emotion filled and dynamic work there is no doubt about the quality of the work and it makes one curious on the other works from this unfortunately forgotten composer. You could not wish for a better promoter for this work. ”

In: Klassieke zaken

“The piece is in three parts and technically demanding. No difficulty for Saruwatari. She takes her listeners with her on an exciting musical journey which was particularly well recorded last summer at the Rotterdam Doelen. It is quite remarkable that this romantic delicacy was for so long forgotten. The Japanese painist has it all, with her flexibility and technical capacity all in her fingers and is no doubt planning to produce more of Berger’s music in the future.”

In: Gelderlander 28 april 2018